Mental Resilience: How to Bounce Back from Covid

At a time like this, we have only two choices:
- Wait for the world to go back to pre-covid normal and let outside circumstances dictate our destiny…

- Or gain the strategies needed to create our own success.

The KEY is to thrive is to learn the skill of RESILIENCE.

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Conversation with Deepak Chopra and Other Experts

Unleash Your Infinite Potential

One idea can change your life Post-Covid19.

Learn from Deepak Chopra, Shahab Anari and other subject matter experts how to unleash your infinite potential and fulfill your desires instantaneously.


Event is now closed.


Online Summit with Robert Kiyosaki

How to Invest, Manage Finances, and Do Business Post-Covid19

"The worst is not over yet. The market is going to crash again, " Robert Kiyosaki is saying.

The Old Economy Is Dead! Learn from the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and other expert speakers how differently you need to think about finances and business after Covid19.


The event is CLOSED now.

Online Summit with Brian Tracy

This is a full day of programming on the topic of 'Bouncing Back to Success from Covid19'.


This event is closed now.

Online Summit with Jack Canfield (in Farsi)

This is a full day of programming on the topic of 'Get Prepared for Post-Covid19'.


This event is closed now.

Personal Brand Mastery Conference

Learn from influencers and business leaders how to build your brand and grow your business.

And network with 400 business owners and investors in the audience.

Keynote Speaker: Bruce Croxon (Dragon's Den Star Investor)

Event is closed now.


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